Achieve Your Goals With Daily Habits

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Achieve Your Goals with Daily Habits

Don’t get me wrong, we need goals. Goals give us direction and inspire us. They help us set our priorities and remind us what we need to accomplish. But simply setting a goal does not help us to achieve the … Read More

Absolutely NOT


Do you feel overworked, overburdened, or under pressure? Is your life chaotic, your schedule overcrowded, and your brain too full to think straight? If this is how you operate, then it is time to drop some baggage and lighten your … Read More

Take The First Step

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First Steps, Start Now

So you’ve decided on a new habit to implement. You’ve determined how you will monitor your progress. You’ve scheduled the new habit into your routine. And you’ve found a person to hold you accountable. There is only one thing left … Read More

Take Your Hands Off The Wheel


Back in challenge #3, we learned that saying no is important self-care. This month, our challenge is saying YES to support from others. Not just asking for support, but receiving it without criticism or control. Are you a reloader? You … Read More

Rhythm and Routine


Morning Routine

This month’s extreme self-care challenge dovetails nicely with the overall premise of my work – developing healthier and happier habits. Over on my brilliant but poorly written blog, I’ve shared several strategies for developing new habits in the areas of sleep, … Read More

Learning To Disappoint Others


Learn to disappoint others

A friend and I discussed once how we never have to have an excuse when we say yes, but for some reason we feel we need one when we say no. For example, when we’re asked to bake four dozen … Read More

Scheduling: Spend Your Time Wisely

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Scheduling: How we spend our time is how we live our lives

Take a look at your calendar. What do you see? Meetings. Appointments. Birthdays. All important things, yes? So where are your healthy habits? Do you schedule them with bright colors and 15-minute reminder alarms? Why not? The more often we … Read More

Start Loving Yourself


I'm willing to learn to love myself

A prerequisite to attracting more joy, abundance, wellness, and meaningful experiences to your life is learning to love yourself. Not the “yourself” you want to become but the “yourself” that you are right now at this very moment. The Extreme … Read More

Build Your Habits on a Strong Foundation

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Build Your Habits On A Strong Foundation

There are six essential foundation areas in our day-to-day life that benefit from solid, healthy habits: Energy, Exercise, Eating, Routine Tasks, Work, and Fun Working on one positive habit in any of these areas has the potential to improve the … Read More