Take the first step

Take The First Step

So you’ve decided on a new habit to implement. You’ve determined how you will monitor your progress. You’ve scheduled the new habit into your routine. And you’ve found a person to hold you accountable. There is only one thing left to do… But when is the BEST time to begin? The first step is always …

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Rhythm and routine

Rhythm and Routine

This month’s extreme self-care challenge dovetails nicely with the overall premise of my work – developing healthier and happier habits. Over on my brilliant but poorly written blog, I’ve shared several strategies for developing new habits in the areas of sleep, exercise, eating, tasks, work, and fun. Making a healthy behavior part of our everyday routine …

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I'm willing to learn to love myself

Start Loving Yourself

A prerequisite to attracting more joy, abundance, wellness, and meaningful experiences to your life is learning to love yourself. Not the “yourself” you want to become but the “yourself” that you are right now at this very moment. The Extreme Self-Care challenge in chapter two of “The Art of Extreme Self-Care” is simple but unnerving …

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