Learning To Disappoint Others


Just say no

A friend and I discussed once how we never have to have an excuse when we say yes, but for some reason we feel we need one when we say no. For example, when we’re asked to bake four dozen … Read More

Scheduling: Spend Your Time Wisely

GretchenHealthy Habits


Take a look at your calendar. What do you see? Meetings. Appointments. Birthdays. All important things, yes? So where are your healthy habits? Do you schedule them with bright colors and 15-minute reminder alarms? Why not? The more often we … Read More

Start Loving Yourself


I'm willing to learn to love myself

A prerequisite to attracting more joy, abundance, wellness, and meaningful experiences to your life is learning to love yourself. Not the “yourself” you want to become but the “yourself” that you are right now at this very moment. The Extreme … Read More

Build Your Habits on a Strong Foundation

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There are six essential foundation areas in our day-to-day life that benefit from solid, healthy habits: Energy, Exercise, Eating, Routine Tasks, Work, and Fun Working on one positive habit in any of these areas has the potential to improve the … Read More

We Manage What We Monitor

GretchenHealthy Habits

Manage what you monitor

Monitoring means to watch closely for purposes of control; to keep track of; to check continually. It is an essential tool for habit change. When we don’t monitor our activities we are often wildly inaccurate about how well we are … Read More

Discover Where You Feel Deprived


Today, I listen to my feelings

I’m reading “The Art of Extreme Self-Care” by Cheryl Richardson. I thought (hoped) she was going to tell me to hire a maid, chef, butler, and chauffeur to care for my family while I checked in to a luxurious spa … Read More

Tiger Time

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Tiger Time

I’ve worn many hats in my career: engineer, material planner, manager, consultant, mom, yoga teacher, writer. Under every hat there were long-term projects to complete and a whole lot of noise; fires to be fought and requests to be met. … Read More

Get an Accountability Partner

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My accountability partner

Changing an old habit or starting a new one can be hard. We decide to do it. We schedule it into our routine. For the first few days we stick to it, but after a while, when we think nobody … Read More

Daily Break


Daily break

It’s great to be “in the zone”, accomplishing task after task and progressing through your to-do list, but stretch yourself too far and you might start feeling unfocused, zoned out, or worse – cranky and irritable. Taking breaks throughout the … Read More

What you can learn from a yoga sequence

GretchenIyengar Yoga

This week marks the final week in the 2015-2016 Cabana Studio season. As I contemplated the sequence I would teach for the final hurrah, I wondered, “what did BKS Iyengar publish for week 33 in Light on Yoga?” WOWZER! His … Read More