Achieve Your Goals With Daily Habits

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Don’t get me wrong, we need goals. Goals give us direction and inspire us. They help us set our priorities and remind us what we need to accomplish. But simply setting a goal does not help us to achieve the … Read More

Take The First Step

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Take the first step

So you’ve decided on a new habit to implement. You’ve determined how you will monitor your progress. You’ve scheduled the new habit into your routine. And you’ve found a person to hold you accountable. There is only one thing left … Read More

Scheduling: Spend Your Time Wisely

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Take a look at your calendar. What do you see? Meetings. Appointments. Birthdays. All important things, yes? So where are your healthy habits? Do you schedule them with bright colors and 15-minute reminder alarms? Why not? The more often we … Read More

Build Your Habits on a Strong Foundation

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There are six essential foundation areas in our day-to-day life that benefit from solid, healthy habits: Energy, Exercise, Eating, Routine Tasks, Work, and Fun Working on one positive habit in any of these areas has the potential to improve the … Read More

We Manage What We Monitor

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Manage what you monitor

Monitoring means to watch closely for purposes of control; to keep track of; to check continually. It is an essential tool for habit change. When we don’t monitor our activities we are often wildly inaccurate about how well we are … Read More

Tiger Time

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Tiger Time

I’ve worn many hats in my career: engineer, material planner, manager, consultant, mom, yoga teacher, writer. Under every hat there were long-term projects to complete and a whole lot of noise; fires to be fought and requests to be met. … Read More

Get an Accountability Partner

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My accountability partner

Changing an old habit or starting a new one can be hard. We decide to do it. We schedule it into our routine. For the first few days we stick to it, but after a while, when we think nobody … Read More