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Today, I listen to my feelings

I’m reading “The Art of Extreme Self-Care” by Cheryl Richardson. I thought (hoped) she was going to tell me to hire a maid, chef, butler, and chauffeur to care for my family while I checked in to a luxurious spa for the rest of the year, because I totally deserve all of that. But, alas, she actually had the nerve to suggest that I got myself into this mess and only I can get myself out. Turns out, she was right.

I highly recommend grabbing a copy of this book and diving deeper into the subject of self-care. It really has changed how I manage my time and how I choose the company I keep. Most importantly, I’m learning that self-care, EXTREME self-care, is not a luxury but an absolute necessity for me to perform at my very best no matter what hat I’m wearing: mom, wife, friend, teacher, writer, or volunteer.

Whether you read the book or not, give this challenge a try: buy a little notebook that you can carry around with you for the next 30 days. Every time you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, burdened, or resentful, stop and ask yourself these questions:

  • Where do I feel deprived?
  • What do I need more of right now?
  • What do I need less of right now?
  • What am I yearning for?
  • Who or what is causing me to feel resentful and why?
  • What am I starving for?

Be very specific. Don’t just say you need more time for yourself. Instead, state exactly what you need more time for – walking in nature, reading a book, soaking in a hot bath, getting a pedicure, a lunch date with your best friend. Don’t just say you need help from others. Be clear about the help you need – I need someone to do the laundry every week, plan the weekly menu, run the staff meeting and distribute the meeting minutes, pick up the kids one day each week so I can…

Awareness is a powerful catalyst for positive change and the first step in making the changes required to achieve optimal wellness and happiness. The gift of recognizing and owning your reality is that you realize you own the power to change it too.

Try this at home for 30 days and along the way, let us know what you’re learning. Are you able to make any changes simply by being more aware?

Next month we’ll explore the extreme self-care challenge of falling in love with you.

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