Gretchen is not your average yoga teacher, cheerleading you into various body positions. She is a disciplined practitioner who brings a powerful attention to detail. (Did you know she trained and had a first career as a mechanical engineer? Not many women in that field. I know, she is a bad*ss). Gretchen helps you cultivate the art of paying attention. First on the mat to your body. Then to your body in the world. And ultimately to the wholeness of your life, your habits + your practice of whatever is most important to you: whether that be spiritually, gardening, your work or family life (or how they all fit together!) She has been so vital in helping me slow down and create a more attentive, holistic relationship with my body. In the three years of working with her, bit by bit, my flexibility, strength, and balance have all changed dramatically. The amazing thing is how all this happened: not from pushing myself from the outside but rather feeling into the changes from the inside out. Thank you, Gretchen, for your authenticity and integrity — you are an inspired and ever-learning teacher and I’m so grateful to be in your Stretch with Gretch community, both in person and through your online resources.

– Courtney Pinkerton, Founder, BirdinHand Coaching,

I’ve discovered so many new things about my body and my practice at the Cabana. Each class feels like a workshop – focused, intentional, thoughtful, intimate. I felt very comfortable in my practice before crossing the street but your class has truly been a revelation. Leg lifts! Headstands! Forward fucking bends! The way you teach has taken my mental and physical yoga practice to a new level and I am forever grateful. I may never recognize the Sanskrit names or know how to fold my blankets, but I know I’m learning.

Gretchen, thank you for the difference you’ve made in my wife’s, therefore my life, over the last few years. My wife has slight scoliosis and has been in constant pain for the 8 years we’ve been married. Every few months since our son was born, her back would go out, or lock up, from general activity, such as picking up the kid or something as minor as bending over. However, since she started your class, those incidents have been few and far between. In fact the only time her back has acted up was when we were away for extended periods, and she couldn’t attend your classes regularly. All I heard a few summers ago when we were in Europe for 3 weeks – “I need to attend Gretchen’s class to get this kink out of my back…” And yes, as soon as we returned – after a few of your classes, no more complaints of a sore back or not feeling right. So with all due respect, and many thanks, for bringing health and happiness to our humble household. The age old saying, “When Mama’s not happy – ain’t no body happy. When Daddy ain’t happy, ain’t nobody care” is a thing of the past. Thank you! – Insue