I'm willing to learn to love myself

Start Loving Yourself

A prerequisite to attracting more joy, abundance, wellness, and meaningful experiences to your life is learning to love yourself. Not the “yourself” you want to become but the “yourself” that you are right now at this very moment.

The Extreme Self-Care challenge in chapter two of “The Art of Extreme Self-Care” is simple but unnerving – every time you look into a mirror say to yourself, “I love you.” Go give it a try before you continue reading.

Did you feel any love? Congrats if you did! I felt:

  • self-conscious
  • embarrassed
  • distracted by the wrinkles, hairs, and blemishes
  • self-critical
  • down right silly

As I continued reading the chapter I was reassured that seeing the flaws is the first step. Feeling the love comes over time. The key is to realize you are a soul in a physical body who is here to learn to be more of who you really are. To practice Extreme Self-Care you must learn to love yourself unconditionally, accept your imperfections, and embrace your vulnerabilities.

Go on. Go try it again.

Any easier? Any less weird?

Probably not yet, but over time your inner critic will quiet down. You will become kinder and gentler toward yourself. This will begin to spill out into your daily life. When you learn to love yourself – wrinkles, hairs, and all – you will:

  • be more patient and present with others
  • be calmer, more focused, and more centered
  • let go of drama
  • start to care about what goes into your body – healthy foods and exercise will come more naturally
  • start to care about what goes into your mind – you will avoid watching and reading things that scare or depress you
  • be less apt to do things you do not want to do
  • let go of drama (that one deserved repeating…)

As you move through your week, notice how you care for the things that are important to you – spouse, children, grandchildren, pets, garden, etc. This is how you need to care for yourself.

Your assignment for the month

  1. Continue identifying where you feel deprived
  2. Every time you pass a mirror say to yourself “I love you”. Say it out loud if you are all alone. Say it inside your head if you are in a public place. If you are really brave, say it out loud in the public place and suggest those around you try it for themselves.

This is uncomfortable work but you are worth the challenge!

Next month we will learn how to disappoint others.


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