Tiger Time

Tiger Time

I’ve worn many hats in my career: engineer, material planner, manager, consultant, mom, yoga teacher, writer. Under every hat there were long-term projects to complete and a whole lot of noise; fires to be fought and requests to be met. The only way to get to the long-term projects was to set aside time each week to focus entirely on the project and nothing else. I recently heard Amy Porterfield call this TIGER TIME – time you FIERCELY protect – like a tiger.

Here are a few steps to implement tiger time:

Clearly define what you want to accomplish during your tiger time. Be specific.

I will use my tiger time to:

* write posts for the Stretch with Gretch Community.
* write Standard Operating Procedures for my warehouse facility.
* declutter my kitchen.
* finish knitting the sweater for my daughter.
* establish a daily home yoga practice.

Block the time on your calendar.

* Schedule the time on your calendar.
* This can be a single BIG block of time – 4-8 hours,
* Or several smaller blocks 2-3 times per week, but you must…

Fiercely protect your tiger time.

* Make the time and space distraction free – no phone calls, no emails, no interruptions.
* Do not schedule other appointments, meetings, or tasks during your weekly tiger time.
* Create a space that allows you to focus – clear your desk, work in a remote location, turn off email notifications, turn off your phone, disconnect entirely from the internet.

Hold yourself accountable.

* Check in with your accountability partner regularly. Make the project and the tiger time to work on it a standing topic for discussion and report.

What will you accomplish over the next few weeks during your tiger time? How will you protect your time? Who will hold you accountable?

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- gretch

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