Winter Water

Winter Water

I know the importance of hydration. I preach drinking at least half your body weight in water every day. When my kids complain of a headache, the first thing I tell them to do is drink a big glass of water. BUT, I find it next to impossible to stay hydrated in the winter. I drink less because I’m not hot – hate to be cold in fact – and I drink less because I tend to drink more hot beverages that require sipping over gulping. I’m noticing a difference. My lips feel chapped. My skin is itchy. I have less energy. I don’t have to pee when I wake up in the morning.

I know these things happen a little in the winter regardless of my water intake but I feel like I could minimize them if I stuck to my rule of drinking at least half my body weight in water every day.

So here’s what I’m trying at home this week to increase my winter water intake:

Drink lemon water

Rather than scrolling through my phone while waiting for the doggies to finish their breakfast, I make myself a cup of warm lemon water and finish it before I have my daily cup of coffee. I’ve always been skeptical of the benefits of lemon water, but I did enjoy my cup this morning. Slicing, smelling, and squeezing the lemon was refreshing. I’m a heathen and just used warm tap water, but the temperature was just right for drinking the water quickly and I didn’t feel cold afterward. Here is an article I found on the benefits and myths of lemon water:

Cool down my hot tea

I know this one sounds crazy but if you use a Yeti, Rtic, or another well-insulted mug you know what I mean. Those babies work! I’m in the habit of making a cup of tea to take with me in the car but it stays so hot I can’t drink it all even when I’m gone for several hours. Drinking water while running errands is one of my go-to strategies for hydrating in the summer but I’ve found it impossible in the winter with hot beverages. It is a simple solution to fill the mug partially and then add some cool water or a couple of ice cubes to bring the temperature down to a drinkable level.

Skip the ice

On the flip side, I never finish a cold glass of water in the winter. So I’m skipping the ice at home and asking for no ice in restaurants. Pretty simple. Pretty self-explanatory.

If you’re feeling dry, itchy, and less motivated this winter, check your water intake. Even though we aren’t sweating as much, we still need to take in a minimum amount of water to keep all the bodily functions working properly.

What advice do you have for me?

What is your winter water challenge and how have you overcome it? Please share with me your strategies for maintaining healthy water intake during these cold winter months. My chapped lips will thank you!

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